schellenberg consulting


Management Consulting

  • Support of medium-sized and large companies (or corporate divisions) from a wide variety of industries in strategically important projects;
  • Support of strategy processes including financial due diligence in connection with planned M&A transactions or strategic partnerships;
  • Design of corporate governance (management structures, processes and instruments including reporting);
  • Design of the financial reporting according to country-specific and / or international standards (e.g. IFRS or Swiss GAAP FER).

Expert Opinions

  • Supporting courts, public prosecutors and parties to the dispute in assessing issues at the interface between business and law;
  • Determination of damage in (civil or criminal) liability cases;
  • Company valuations.

Lecturing at University Level

  • Training of lawyers (judges, public prosecutors, attorneys) in accounting law, international reporting standards, analysis of financial statements, company valuation;
  • University of Bern: Lecturer in consolidated financial reporting (2003 – 2011);
  • University of Bern: Lecturer in international accounting (2005 – 2007);
  • University of Zurich: Lecturer in corporate strategy in the Executive MBA program (1995 – 2003);
  • University of Zurich: Lecturer in accounting in the postgraduate course CUREM – Center for Urban & Real Estate Management (2005 – 2010);
  • University of St. Gallen: Lecturer in corporate strategy at the management seminar of the Institute for Business Administration (1993 – 2001).