Board Mandates

As an external board member, I offer you the opportunity to bring additional know-how into the company, to consolidate the board as a strategic body and to obtain a critical outside view.

Modern boards of directors are future-oriented and have a sense for corporate governance as well as holistic risk management. They take responsibility even in a crisis, create confidence and trust as well as favourable conditions for success in operational management.

Thanks to many years of experience as a board member and top manager, I understand the dynamics of BoD and CEOs in various industries.

As a member of the board of directors, I am independent, success-oriented, capable of working in a team and holistic.


I have many years of experience in supporting medium and large companies (and their management bodies) in a wide variety of industries.

I particularly recommend myself for the following tasks:

Transformation and Change Management

Support in the development and implementation of corporate strategies in the context of strategy, structure, technology and behavior.

Corporate Governance

Design of management structures, processes and instruments.

Risk Management

Holistic review of corporate risk management, education, training and coaching of crisis management teams.

Interim Management

As an interim manager, I am available for a limited time for the quick, pragmatic and result-oriented solution of time-critical management tasks.

In this way, I bridge leadership and skill vacancies at top management level or as the person responsible for strategic projects.

Solution-oriented, socially competent, with integrity, responsible.


As a keynote speaker, I give your high-quality event a special note.

Competent, captivating, humorous, with depth.