About me

What sets me apart

  • High integrity, great sense of responsibility and readiness for ownership.
  • Strong analytical skills, paired with holistic thinking and the ability to reduce complexity.
  • Future, results and team-oriented leader.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting, common sense and a sense of what is feasible.
  • Successful leader of highly complex projects in an international context.
  • Proven crisis manager and crisis communicator.
  • Skilled in dealing with politics, authorities, business and the media.
  • High level of expertise in business administration, financial reporting and commercial law.

Linguistic proficiency

Professional Activities

2021 - present
schellenberg consulting: Owner

Board Member


Interim Manager

Key Note Speaker

1999 - present
Board Member:
  • Strategic, organisational and financial management of an international group of companies with focus on production, trade and technological consulting;
  • Coaching and supervision of the group CEO and executive board;
  • Member of various board committees (strategy, innovation, finance, audit, nomination, compensation);
  • Improvement of corporate governance within the group;
  • Due diligence and company valuations in M&A transactions;
  • Strategic realignment and restructuring of a subsidiary (B2B) as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
2012 - 2020
Swiss Armed Forces Supreme Command: Various Positions as Flag Officer
  • 2017 – 2020: Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces (3-star general)
  • 2018 2020: Chief of Joint Operations Command (3-star general)
  • 2013 2017: Commander of Swiss Air Force (3-star general)
  • 2012 – 2012: Chief of Armed Forces Staff (2-star general)
  • 2010 2011: Commander of a Mountain Infantry Brigade (1-star general)
  • The Armed Forces Supreme Command is the “group management” of a organisation with a budget of CHF 5 billion, an investment volume of CHF 1 – 1.5 billion and over 9,000 employees;
  • The Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces (3-star general) is representing the armed forces internally and externally in the absence (or by delegation) of the supreme commander;
  • The Chief of Joint Operations Command (3-star general) is a member of the armed forces supreme command and is responsible for all armed forces operations. Responsible for results, he commands 6 divisions and 4 areas of competence with a budget of CHF 1.4 billion as well as 2,300 employees and approx. 75,000 troops (militia);
  • The Commander of Swiss Air Force (3-star general) is responsible for air policing 7/24 and air defense. Since 2018, the Air Force Commander has been subordinate to the Chief of Joint Operations Command;
  • The Chief of Armed Forces Staff (2-star general) leads the cross-sectional business areas of the armed forces: strategy, planning and doctrine, finance, personnel, law, communication, real estate, international relations, etc.


  • The members of the Armed Forces Supreme Command, as “executive board/group management”, have overall responsibility for the strategic and operational management of the armed forces, their representation towards all stakeholders in cooperation with politics, business, authorities and the media;
  • Future-oriented realignment of the armed forces and the armed forces administration;
  • Strategic personnel development as well as new conception and implementation of a strategy-compliant performance management;
  • Transformation of the Armed Forces Operational Headquaters into a Joint Operations Command with 6 divisions and 4 competence centers with 2,300 employees;
  • Responsibility for the basic readiness and operational readiness, training and education of approx. 75,000 troops (militia);
  • Protection of the airspace 7/24, protection of international conferences and critical infrastructures;
  • Support of the civil authorities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with up to 8,000 troops (militia);
  • Responsible for emergency and crisis management as well as for the business continuity management of the armed forces.
1992 - 2011
schellenberg consulting: Founder, Owner and Managing Director

Owner-managed consulting company in the areas of management consulting, expert opinions and academic lecturing.

Management Consulting

  • Support of medium-sized and large companies (or corporate divisions) from a wide variety of industries in strategically important projects;
  • Support of strategy processes including financial due diligence in connection with planned M&A transactions or strategic partnerships;
  • Design of corporate governance (management structures, processes and instruments including reporting);
  • Design of the financial reporting according to country-specific and / or international standards (e.g. IFRS or Swiss GAAP FER).

Expert Opinions

  • Supporting courts, public prosecutors and parties to the dispute in assessing issues at the interface between business and law;
  • Determination of damage in (civil or criminal) liability cases;
  • Company valuations.

Lecturing at University Level

  • Training of lawyers (judges, public prosecutors, attorneys) in accounting law, international reporting standards, analysis of financial statements, company valuation;
  • University of Bern: Lecturer in consolidated financial reporting (2003 – 2011);
  • University of Bern: Lecturer in international accounting (2005 – 2007);
  • University of Zurich: Lecturer in corporate strategy in the Executive MBA program (1995 – 2003);
  • University of Zurich: Lecturer in accounting in the postgraduate course CUREM – Center for Urban & Real Estate Management (2005 – 2010);
  • University of St. Gallen: Lecturer in corporate strategy at the management seminar of the Institute for Business Administration (1993 – 2001).