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The comprehensive textbook on corporate accounting for self-employed people in sole proprietorship and executives in large, medium-sized or small businesses. It conveys the basics, shows connections and gives interpretations that are necessary in order to get a comprehensive picture of the financial situation of a company. Part A: Financial accounting Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: […]

Accounting A-Z

Accounting A-Z is a reliable guide in the jungle of financial language. It contains translations for all common accounting terms. How do you translate ‘fair value’ in German? What does ‘book loss’ mean in Italian? What does the balance sheet item ‘produits à recevoir’ mean in the French financial statements? In the glossary, each of […]

Civil law liability of executives in the event of unbalanced asset shifts in a stock corporation

In group relationships, there are various horizontal and vertical service relationships that can also lead to one-sided shifts in assets among the group companies. Examples of such services are intra-group deliveries, agreements on intellectual property rights, management and other services as well as the issuing of guarantees, sureties and similar declarations. Under the aspect of […]

Accidental loss of income self-employed: business reports

From a business point of view, the preparation of an expert opinion on the accidental loss of earnings of a self-employed person is one of the most difficult tasks of all. In many aspects it is similar to a classic company valuation. However, it is not only a matter of estimating the future profitability of […]